Mary who unties knots night light candle 15x6cm
    • Mary who unties knots night light candle 15x6cm
    • Mary who unties knots night light candle 15x6cm
    • Mary who unties knots night light candle 15x6cm

    Mary who unties knots night light candle 15x6cm

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    Illuminate your path to spiritual liberation and healing with our knot-breaking Mary nightlight candle. Measuring 15x6cm, this candle is dedicated to Mary, who is revered for her ability to untangle life's difficulties. Light this candle in moments of prayer and meditation, invoking Mary's presence to help you overcome obstacles and find inner peace. The soft, warm glow of this night-light candle creates an atmosphere conducive to reflection and spiritual connection. Whether for healing, liberation or simply to bring a sacred atmosphere to your space, this candle is a powerful symbol of Mary's loving presence in your life.


    Mary Untying the Knots Nightlight Candle 15x6 cm

    The Mary Untying the Knots nightlight candle, measuring 15 cm high by 6 cm in diameter, is a particularly moving devotional object. It is dedicated to Mary, invoked to untie difficulties and bring peace to our lives. This spiritual product is not only a means of prayer but also a symbol of faith and hope.

    Spiritual support in difficult times

    The devotion to Mary who unties knots has its origins in an ancient German tradition, popularised by Pope Francis. This nightlight candle is designed to accompany your prayers, offering a soft, constant light, a symbol of Mary's guidance in times of distress. The prayer to Mary who unties knots is particularly powerful for asking for divine help in the face of life's problems and obstacles.

    Quality craftsmanship

    This candle is made from high quality materials to ensure a steady and prolonged burn. The artistic design depicts Mary surrounded by angels, untying the knots of human life, bringing a touch of beauty and spirituality to your prayer space. Its compact size means it can be used at home as well as in a church or other sacred space.

    A gift full of meaning

    Giving this nightlight candle is a gesture of compassion and support. It's ideal for occasions such as christenings, confirmations, or simply to bring comfort to a loved one going through a difficult time. The Mary Untying the Knots nightlight candle is more than just an object; it's a source of comfort and inspiration.

    Discover this candle and other religious items in our Votive Candles category on our site. To find out more about prayers and devotion to Mary Who Unties Knots, check out our blog post.

    Order this Mary Undoing the Knots 15x6 cm nightlight candle now from the Palais du Rosaire website, your reference for quality religious items.


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