Novena candle white
    • Novena candle white
    • Novena candle white
    • Novena candle white
    • Novena candle white

    Novena candle white

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    Buy this 17,5 cm high Novena candle. This quality novena candle is the perfect choice for a unique inner experience. Burning for 9 days, this candle will accompany you in your prayers. A symbol of piety, it will help you to obtain a particular grace or to honour God or a saint. Free delivery in France from 49€ purchase.

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    BOugie de neuvaine en cire végétale qui brûle 9 jours de prière et expédiée depuis Lourdes

    The white vegetable wax novena candle offers an eco-responsible alternative for your moments of prayer and meditation. Made with particular attention to sustainability, this candle accompanies you on your novenas with a pure, serene light, symbolising peace and spiritual purity.

    Plant wax: an environmentally-friendly choice

    Conscious of the importance of preserving our planet, we have chosen vegetable wax for our novena candles. This choice not only guarantees a cleaner, longer burning candle, but also reduces the ecological footprint, allowing you to practise your faith in harmony with the environment.

    The Novena Candle: A Profound Prayer Ritual

    The novena candle is a central element in the prayer ritual, serving to intensify your request or thanksgiving for nine consecutive days. It creates a sacred space, focusing your intentions and helping to manifest your deepest desires to the divine.

    Purity and Serenity: The Meaning of the Colour White

    The white colour of this candle symbolises purity, peace and truth. It radiates a light that purifies the thoughts and soothes the soul, creating an ideal atmosphere for prayer and meditation. Use this candle to illuminate your moments of contemplation and strengthen your spiritual connection.

    Choose the white novena candle made from plant wax for an environmentally-friendly spiritual practice. Discover our full range of candles and religious items on our site, designed to enrich your faith journey.


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