120 incense sticks of Saint Expedit and a prayer
    • 120 incense sticks of Saint Expedit and a prayer
    • 120 incense sticks of Saint Expedit and a prayer

    120 incense sticks of Saint Expedit and a prayer

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    Immerse yourself in the history of Saint Expedit with our Saint Expedit Incense Box. Each box contains 6 tubes of 20 incense sticks carefully selected for their sweet and subtle White Musk fragrance. Saint Expedit incense is traditionally used to invoke strength, protection and to accelerate the achievement of one's projects. Light a stick of incense to invoke the help of Saint Expedit, to strengthen your will and to protect you from obstacles that stand in your way. Order now and let the mystical power of Saint Expedit's incense carry you through.


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    Saint Expédit incense sticks are specially designed for those seeking success and achievement in their business and exams. Each box contains 6 tubes of 20 sticks, for a total of 120 incense sticks with a pleasant scent of white musk, creating an atmosphere conducive to prayer and meditation.

    An incense dedicated to Saint Expedit

    Saint Expédit is venerated as the saint of urgent causes and examinations. Using these incense sticks during your moments of prayer invokes his powerful intercession to help you overcome challenges and achieve positive results. The soothing scent of white musk contributes to an atmosphere of serenity and concentration.

    The prayer of Saint Expedit

    Each box comes with a prayer dedicated to Saint Expédit, guiding you in your requests for grace and support. This prayer is an invaluable aid to strengthening your faith and determination in the face of trials.

    Use and benefits

    To use the incense sticks, simply light them and let the gentle smoke spread through your prayer or work space. Incense helps to purify the atmosphere, promoting a sense of peace and mental clarity. Whether preparing for an important exam or achieving success in your business, these incense sticks are an effective spiritual tool.

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