Our Lady of Grace statue in coloured resin 1 metre
    • Our Lady of Grace statue in coloured resin 1 metre
    • Our Lady of Grace statue in coloured resin 1 metre

    Our Lady of Grace statue in coloured resin 1 metre

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    Elevate your devotional space with the 1.20 m coloured resin Our Lady of Grace Statue from the Palais du Rosaire. Its open posture symbolises the welcoming of all graces. Capturing divine grace, this piece expresses serenity and holiness, ideal for meditation and daily inspiration. Its impressive size and detailed finish make it a spiritual focal point in any home or place of worship. Visit our shop to discover this iconic statue and enrich your faith practice.


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    Statue of Our Lady of Grace

    Our Lady of Grace is a central figure in the Catholic faith, known for her appearance to Saint Catherine Labouré in 1830. Our 1m20 statue, made from high quality resin, faithfully represents this sacred vision.

    Origin and Significance of Our Lady of Grace

    Our Lady of Grace is venerated for her appearance in Paris, where she revealed the designs for the miraculous medal. The statue with its outstretched arms symbolises the Virgin's invitation to receive graces. This act of openness reflects Mary's generosity and maternal love, a profound spiritual lesson for believers.

    Elegance and Divine Presence

    With her white dress and blue mantle, the statue captures serenity and grace. His eyes raised to heaven recall his role as intercessor between the faithful and God. The statue can be used as a teaching aid in teaching Marian stories and as a visual focal point in processions or celebrations of Our Lady of Grace.

    Our Lady of Grace in your place of prayer

    Whether for a prayer garden, a church or a private home, this statue elevates every space with its beauty and spirituality. Its robust resin ensures longevity, while its size makes it a majestic work of divine art.


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