Scapular necklace

Discover our collection of scapular necklaces, made for those seeking to express their faith and benefit from the spiritual protection of the Virgin Mary. Our necklaces, available in a range of materials, are blessed and ready to accompany your spiritual journey on a daily basis. Perfect for meaningful gifts at religious ceremonies or simply to affirm your personal devotion.

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Scapular necklaces: Symbols of Faith and Protection

Scapular necklaces represent much more than just a piece of jewellery: they are a commitment of faith and a constant reminder of the Virgin Mary's protection. Traditionally worn by the Catholic faithful, these necklaces are powerful symbols in Christian tradition.

Origin and Meaning of the Scapular Necklace

The scapular originated in Carmel, dating back to a vision of Saint Simon Stock to whom the Virgin Mary is said to have given the first scapular. This small piece of cloth evolved into a necklace, often worn as a sign of devotion and divine protection.

How to wear a Scapular Necklace

The scapular necklace is worn around the neck, with one panel on the chest and another on the back. This symbolises the covering of faith that protects the wearer throughout the day. It is a constant reminder of one's faith and commitment to the teachings of the Church and the protection of the Virgin.

Our Collection of Scapular Necklaces

We offer a variety of scapular necklaces, available in many materials such as traditional fabric, wool, and even metal and gemstone versions for added durability and a refined aesthetic. Each necklace is carefully designed to ensure it meets religious and aesthetic standards.

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