Anniversary of the Rosary Palace website

Anniversary of the Rosary Palace website

Publié le : 2021-03-18 12:03:36
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Launch of our website on 19 March 2019; Saint Joseph's Day.

March 19 is a symbolic date for the Palais du Rosaire team as it is St Joseph's Day. It always falls during the period of Lent which is a period of abstinence. According to custom, on St Joseph's Day the tables must be covered with meatless dishes.

The Palais du Rosaire has a great affection for St. Joseph because 2 years ago we launched our website on St. Joseph's Day, the symbol of workers and families. Thanks to him, we were able to overcome the world-famous Covid-19 crisis. He helps us every day, supports us, watches over our success, our health and our team.

Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph is the husband of the Virgin Mary and the adoptive father of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

Joseph has always carried out the missions entrusted to him by God. He is a just and responsible man who knows how to make the right decisions.

He was a discreet and faithful husband to Mary. After the birth of Jesus, both spouses continued to live in chastity. He is therefore often depicted with white lilies, a symbol of purity.

St. Joseph is close to all of us, even during his sleep "I sleep but my heart watches". While he sleeps, he is in contact with God's messenger angels who pass on to him the problems of the faithful in order to solve them.

Throughout his life, Joseph took care of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, and watched over the Holy Family. He then became the patron saint of families.

Over the years, he became a carpenter in Nazareth, and then he became the patron saint of workers.

Many people around the world entrust their job search to St. Joseph through prayer.

Articles related to Saint Joseph

On the occasion of Saint Joseph's Day, we have selected a number of articles featuring Saint Joseph.

This beautiful rosary of St. Joseph will accompany you in your prayers with St. Joseph, patron saint of workers and families. It will bring you success, prosperity and encouragement.

This beautiful statue of St. Joseph and the baby Jesus illustrates the immense bond between the two men. It embodies the father figure, which is very important for Christians.

Saint Joseph is the symbol of the workers. With this medal, Saint Joseph will bring you luck and encourage you in your activities, your missions and in your work. Carry this medal with you every day, St. Joseph will guide you in your decisions.

With the novena candle of Saint Joseph pray to the patron saint of families and workers. St. Joseph will support you in your family and professional decisions and actions.

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