What is the Nativity of Mary?
What is the Nativity of Mary?

What is the Nativity of Mary?

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What is the Nativity of Mary?

Every 8 September, the Catholic Church celebrates the birth of the Virgin Mary.

Although the Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus, this date is not a public holiday!

The Virgin Mary is very important to the Church and to believers. In fact, there are no less than 13 Marian feasts throughout the liturgical year dedicated to the Mother of Jesus Christ. The most important of these are the Presentation in Time on 2 February, the Annunciation on 25 March, the Assumption on 15 August and the Nativity on 8 September. The Nativity of Mary is one of the oldest feasts of the Church.

Mary is in the hearts of Christians as a mother and a new Eve who obeyed God's will without even asking a single question. She is a Jewish woman from a society with deep-rooted ancient customs.

The Mother of Jesus is known as a discreet woman in the Gospels, and she later becomes an icon and a spiritual source for Christians.

Believers love Mary from the bottom of their hearts. Proclaimed "Patroness of France" by Pope Pius XI in 1922, Mary is also Our Lady, Mother of Christ, Mother of God. She has never been separated from her son, she is a refuge for the faithful, she protects them and watches over the order of the world.

The origin of Mary's nativity

Neither the place nor the date of birth of the Virgin Mary is known. However, according to the apocryphal book of the Apostle James and Saint Gregory of Nyssa, Mary is the daughter of Anne and Joachim. The feast of the Nativity of Mary is an occasion to celebrate the one who had the courage to say yes unconditionally to God.

The meaning of the nativity of Mary

Mary helped save the honour of her parents by coming into the world. Indeed, not having children was considered a shame in her time. Through Mary, the pure chosen one, God's work will be accomplished. The Immaculate Conception is also a help for Catholics who can bring their prayer intentions to her in all circumstances, especially for women who wish to become mothers.

The religious traditions of the Nativity of Mary

In some regions of France, such as Corsica, 8 September takes on a completely different character. Indeed, the majority of Corsican churches are dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The 8th of September is celebrated with great pomp and circumstance.

This is also the case in Lyon. It celebrates the vow of the aldermen made in 1643, who promised to go up to Fourvière every 8th September to offer the shrine a golden shield and seven pounds of white wax. Every year, a mass is held for the mayor of Lyon, the elected officials and the people of Lyon. The archbishop, from the balcony of the basilica, blesses the city and recalls the consecration of the city to the Virgin Mary.

Prayer for the Nativity of Mary

Lord, we come to you to thank you for the Nativity of Mary, your beloved Mother.

We thank you for the gift of Mary, who chose to welcome you into herself, to carry you in her and to give you the world.

We thank you for her love, faith and devotion to you.

We ask you to help us follow her example by loving and serving you, as she did, with a pure heart and humble spirit.

We ask you to help us to love others as she did, by being merciful and always giving our love to those in need.

We thank you for all the blessings you have given us through Mary and we entrust our lives and souls to you.


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