Did you know that the Hail Mary of Lourdes was written by a priest from the Vend

Did you know that the Hail Mary of Lourdes was written by a priest from the Vend

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Who was Jean Gaigent?

Jean Gaignet, a Catholic priest from Vendée, is the author of one of the most famous songs of the Catholic religion. Indeed, he is the author of the famous song "Ave Maria".

On the occasion of a pilgrimage to Lourdes in 1873, Jean Gaignet composed the song dedicated to the Virgin Mary. He is currently a professor at the major seminary of Luçon when he composes the Ave Maria, a song of eight verses intended for the pilgrims from the Vendée who go to the Grotto of Lourdes.

The origin of the Hail Mary

This song is known all over the world and thus translated into all languages.

The priest then wrote a long version composed of 68 verses describing the 18 Apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes with Bernadette Soubirous. This long version then allowed the pilgrims to sing throughout the solemn processions on the esplanade of Lourdes.

Success is imminent. The song was taken up all over the world, without touching its refrain, the famous "Ave, ave, ave Maria" sung in Latin.

Jean Gaigent includes in his work the words of the Archangel Gabriel who came to greet Mary at the Annunciation.

The melody of the refrain takes up one of the traditional Bigourdan songs "Mous esclops".

In Lourdes, Jean Gaignet's Ave Maria is sung again and again. This melody resounds in our heads with its simple words that evoke the infinite love of Mary, who welcomes and protects us.

In these difficult times, the Hail Mary soothes us with its message of benevolence, trust and love.

Let us celebrate together with the thought and heart of the Hail Mary...

The lyrics :

NB : Other versions exist

"O Virgin Mary

The Christian people

In Lourdes please

He returns to your home.

Ave, ave, ave Maria. (bis)

The bottom of the rock

Lights up instantly

The Lady approaches

Wave to the child.

Ave, ave, ave Maria. (bis)

Please come

Here, fifteen times

With your friends

To hear my voice.

Ave, ave, ave Maria. (bis)


The Lady, three times

Said: Penance

Christian, this is for you!

Ave, ave, ave Maria. (bis)

At this fountain

Come and drink

In pure and holy water

Go and wash yourself.

Ave, ave, ave Maria. (bis)

I want to have here

At the foot of these mountains

The people I love

Vienna in procession.

Ave, ave, ave Maria. (bis)

And that a chapel

Built in this place

To men reminds

That we must pray to God.

Ave, ave, ave Maria. (bis)

Marie came

With us eighteen times

The child who saw her

Is trustworthy.

Ave, ave, ave Maria. (bis)

The cave where one prays

Dispenses peace

This is where Marie

Spreads its benefits.

Ave, ave, ave Maria. (bis)

To new graces

Know how to obey

For God calls us

To be converted.

Ave, ave, ave Maria. (bis)

The God who forgives

Absolve the sinner

Grace radiates

In the name of the Saviour.

Ave, ave, ave Maria. (bis)

At the last hour

For us sinners

Please, Holy Mother,

Praying to the Saviour.

Ave, ave, ave Maria. (bis)"

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