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12 White novena candles in odourless vegetable wax
  • 12 White novena candles in odourless vegetable wax
  • 12 White novena candles in odourless vegetable wax
  • 12 White novena candles in odourless vegetable wax
  • 12 White novena candles in odourless vegetable wax
  • 12 White novena candles in odourless vegetable wax
  • 12 White novena candles in odourless vegetable wax

12 White novena candles in odourless vegetable wax

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This pack of 12 white novena candles, made from odour-free plant wax from Lourdes, is designed to accompany your moments of prayer with devotion and serenity. With a height of 18 cm and a diameter of 6 cm, each candle is topped with a golden cap and guarantees a continuous flame for 9 consecutive days. These candles are a profound way of strengthening your faith and practising piety as part of Christian rituals, particularly appreciated by Catholic Christians in search of spirituality. Their use is a luminous reminder of the divine presence, offering a tangible aid to focus your prayers and meditations.

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BOugie de neuvaine en cire végétale qui brûle 9 jours de prière et expédiée depuis Lourdes

Pray with our White Plant Wax Novena Candles

Root your spiritual practice in tradition and devotion with our lot of 12 white novena candles, specially selected for Catholic Christians wishing to deepen their connection to God. Each candle, 18cm high and 6cm in diameter, is made from pure, odourless vegetable wax, ensuring a clean, environmentally friendly burn. Direct from Lourdes, these candles carry a unique spiritual dimension, enhanced by a golden stopper symbolising divine light.

Burning for 9 consecutive days, these candles offer constant support in your approach to prayer and meditation. They are a special support for novenas, those periods of intense prayer during which the faithful turn to Heaven to ask for grace or intercession. The novena, practised with these candles, becomes a ritual of light, guiding the believer on his or her spiritual journey.

Ideal for accompanying moments of meditation, white novena candles are also a pertinent choice for marking significant religious occasions, such as preparation for Easter or during Advent. They symbolise purity, peace, and God's constant presence in our lives.

Tips for use: For a novena prayer, position your candle in a quiet, safe place. Light it by clearly formulating the intention of your prayer. Let the candle burn day and night; if necessary, transfer it safely to continue your prayer without interruption. This simple yet deeply symbolic gesture opens your heart to receiving divine graces.

Order your batch of candles now and invite the light of Lourdes into your home and your heart. They are more than just an object of devotion; they are a bridge between heaven and earth, a luminous guide on the path of faith.


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Based on 4 reviews

  • Image utilisateur Marie p.
    Published Nov 06, 2023 at 06:22 pm

    Very happy with my purchase and I think I will continue to buy from you the quantity and price is really very correct thank you very much. (Translated review)

  • Image utilisateur Marie J.
    Published Sep 07, 2022 at 01:52 pm

    High-quality novena, 9-day guarantee (Translated review)

  • Image utilisateur Philippe N.
    Published May 10, 2022 at 12:02 pm

    Meets my expectations (Translated review)

  • Image utilisateur Patrick M.
    Published Jan 15, 2022 at 05:17 pm

    Like those bought directly from the producer (Translated review)