Our daily marathon at the Palais du Rosaire

Our daily marathon at the Palais du Rosaire

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For more than 100 years at the Palais du Rosaire we have been applying our knowledge of religious objects. Over the years, the Palais du Rosaire has acquired a wealth of experience that enables it to accompany you during your religious purchases.  The Palais du Rosaire accompanies you throughout your purchase with a permanent presence. Our strength lies in our ability to advise and listen to our customers.

Our shop is composed of a professional team with experience and a strong dynamism.

The website

The Palais du Rosaire web team

The entire team of our online religious shop is at your disposal to meet your needs in terms of religious objects. Each of them brings a particular attention to your needs. Our human-sized company allows us to offer personalised advice and proximity by building a relationship of trust with each of our customers.

The main tasks of the web team

When arriving in the morning, each member of the web team has his or her own tasks to carry out and maintain throughout the day. Among these missions, here are the main ones:

  • Answering emails

  • Answering your requests on social networks

  • Handle your return order requests as well as your complaints and specific purchase requests.

  • Take pictures of the items and put them on the website

  • Place orders with you by phone

  • Update the website

  • Take pictures of Lourdes, the Sanctuary and the articles to put them on the social networks

  • Fetching water from Lourdes at the Shrine to send to you

Preparing the packages at the Palais du Rosaire

picking Palais du Rosaire

First, the order picker collects the information needed to prepare your order and then assembles the products by taking them from the various storage areas in the shop.

After checking the order, she overpacks it and makes it available, then sticks the labels on the packages. She records each operation in a computerised management system. Once the parcels have been packed, the order picker can send the parcels out. Each customer who orders on our website is entitled to a short note from our order picker and a small gift from the Palais du Rosaire. It is also important to know that all the religious objects you order on our website are prepared and shipped from our shop in Lourdes.

The shop

On a daily basis, before the shop opens, the shop assistants put the religious articles on the shelves, i.e. install, mark them up and label them. Throughout the day, the sales assistants stock the shelves to ensure a wide availability of religious articles in our departments.

In addition, we give priority to advising our customers. Our sales staff welcome you and identify your needs by advising you on religious products. They will accompany you through the purchasing process, including the collection of religious articles.

They are also the ones who take the products to the shelves and place them at the head of the shelves or on the shelves.


Upstream, our logistician prepares each religious article before it goes on sale. That is to say, he receives the pallets and arranges the products in the corresponding slots, and it is at this point that he checks the conformity and good condition of each product. Afterwards, he also labels each product for sale.

The Palais du Rosaire has been operating in this way for over 100 years. From the arrival of the products to the sale, from the taking of the order to the sending of the parcels, everything is done in-house.

All the products sold at the Palais du Rosaire are perfectly known by the whole team.

At the Palais du Rosaire we accompany you in all your religious purchases.

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