Saint Joseph: the protector of Jesus and Mary

Saint Joseph: the protector of Jesus and Mary

The feast of St Joseph is celebrated on 19 March. St Joseph is the adoptive father of Jesus and husband of Mary, and is known for his devotion to Jesus and his exemplary family life. He is often invoked for parental guidance and intercession for family needs. St. Joseph, guide for fathers, pray for us to be instruments of devotion to Jesus and exemplary family life.

Who is Saint Joseph?

His story

St Joseph was born in 30 BC in Bethlehem and died in 20 AD in Nazareth. St Joseph is considered the adoptive father of Jesus and the husband of the Virgin Mary in the Christian tradition. He is mentioned in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. St. Joseph was a just and pious man who agreed to take care of Mary and Jesus. He was also an attentive protector of his family, taking them to Egypt to escape persecution when he was warned by the angel of the Lord in a dream.

His significance

St Joseph is considered a model of piety, justice and diligence at work, and is seen as the protector of workers and families. He is celebrated on 19 March in the Catholic Church, and by other Christian communities. He is also considered the patron saint of the United States and many other countries.

Celebration of the Feast of St Joseph

Religious rituals

Mass: Catholics often celebrate a special mass to honour St Joseph, during which they pray for his protection and blessing.

Processions: some parishes hold processions to celebrate the feast of St Joseph, carrying a statue or image of him through the streets, accompanied by songs and prayers.

Offerings: the faithful often bring offerings to St Joseph, such as flowers, food, or symbolic objects, to show their devotion to him.

Food preparation: some communities prepare special dishes to mark the occasion, such as cakes, pastries and traditional dishes.

Prayer vigils: some parishes hold prayer vigils to honour St Joseph, during which the faithful pray together and listen to stories about his life and actions.

Folk festivals

It is important to note that rituals and celebrations may vary according to region and culture, and the faithful may also mark the occasion with more personal celebrations, such as Bible reading or silent prayers.

Prayer to Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary,

We pray to you for your blessing and protection.

Give us your wisdom to guide our family with love and kindness.

Teach us to work diligently and honestly,

as you worked to provide for Jesus and Mary.

Protect us from all evil and danger,

And help us to follow your way of faith and dedication.

May your divine grace be upon us at all times,

And may we always reflect your light and goodness.


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