Saint Mary: an ultimate model of faith and devotion

Saint Mary: an ultimate model of faith and devotion

The feast of St. Mary is celebrated every year on 15 August. St. Mary is the Mother of Jesus and is venerated as the Mother of God by the Catholic Church, St. Mary is considered a model of faith and devotion. She is often invoked for her protection and blessing, and is one of the most beloved saints in the Christian tradition. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us poor sinners now and at the hour of our death.

Who is Saint Mary?

Her story

Saint Mary is an important figure in the history of the Christian religion. She is considered the mother of Jesus, the son of God, according to the teachings of the Gospel. St. Mary is often portrayed as a gentle, loving and devoted woman who dedicated her life to the protection and education of her son. She is a symbol of maternal love and devotion to God. Believers honour her by praying to her for healing, peace and protection, and by asking her to grant them the grace of holy life.

Her significance

St. Mary is considered a figure of devotion and devotion to the divine motherhood. She symbolises compassion and generosity. The significance of St. Mary goes beyond mere motherhood, she is considered a figure of love, grace and divine mercy.

Celebration of the Feast of Saint Mary

Religious rituals

The religious rituals around the feast of St Mary depend on the religious tradition of each community. In general, there are celebrations in churches, with masses and prayers in honour of St Mary. Some churches may also organise processions, prayer vigils, concerts of religious music and community meals. In addition, some faithful may choose to make a pilgrimage to a shrine dedicated to St Mary. Rituals may vary according to the culture and religious tradition of each community, but they are all intended to honour St Mary and strengthen the faith of the faithful.

Prayer to Saint Mary

O Holy Mary, mother of Jesus and mother of us all, we come to you with faith and trust.

You were chosen by God to bear and raise his beloved Son.

Help us to follow the example of your unconditional love and devotion to your son.

Guide us in our choices and decisions so that we may live according to His will.

Protect us from temptations and dangers that can lead us away from God.

Help us to show compassion and mercy to others, as you have done yourself.

Support us in times of difficulty and bring us peace and comfort in times of sorrow.

We entrust our prayers and hopes to you, and ask for your blessing on our lives.

O Holy Mary, we venerate you and pray to you, now and forever.


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