Saint Michael the Archangel: protector against the forces of evil

Saint Michael the Archangel: protector against the forces of evil

The feast of Saint Michael is celebrated every year on 29 September. Saint Michael is an archangel and protector of believers, Saint Michael is known for his devotion to God and his protection against the forces of evil. He is often invoked for spiritual guidance and protection against spiritual attacks. St Michael the Archangel, protector of believers, pray for us that we may be protected from the forces of evil and be instruments of devotion to God.

Who is Saint Michael?

His History

Saint Michael is an important figure in the Christian religion, considered the leader of the heavenly armies and the defender of divine justice. In the Bible, he is described as appearing at several key moments to defend believers and fight the forces of evil. St Michael is often depicted with wings and a sword, symbolising his role as a heavenly warrior and protector of believers. He is honoured as a saint by the Catholic Church and many other Christian churches, and is considered the patron saint of police officers, soldiers and those seeking spiritual protection. 

His significance

St Michael is considered the Holy Archangel and one of the most powerful angels in the Christian tradition. He is often associated with the defence of the faith and is considered the protector of Christians. St Michael is often depicted with a flaming sword, symbolising his role as the defender of justice and truth. He is also associated with the protection of souls, victory over the forces of evil and the defence of the souls of the deceased at their final judgement. 

Celebration of the Feast of Saint Michael

Religious rituals

The religious rituals around the feast of St Michael vary according to the different Christian traditions. Some of the most common celebrations include attending special masses, reading biblical texts about Saint Michael, wearing medals or relics dedicated to Saint Michael, and praying personally or in groups to implore his intercession. Pilgrimages to places dedicated to Saint Michael, such as the Basilica of Saint Michael the Archangel in France, are also a tradition for some devotees.

Prayer to Saint Michael

O Saint Michael the Archangel,

You are the protector of the heavens and the defender of souls.

You are powerful and courageous, always ready to defend truth and justice.

Help me to find the strength to fight the forces of evil that surround me.

Guide me to the light of God and protect me on my way.

May your divine presence always be with me to support and guide me.

I thank you for all the blessings you bring to me and I implore you to continue to watch over me and my loved ones.


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