The different statues of the Virgin Mary at the Palais du Rosaire

The different statues of the Virgin Mary at the Palais du Rosaire

As we enter the month of May dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the Palais du Rosaire has taken an interest in the many names given to Our Lady.

The place of the Virgin Mary among Christians

The Virgin Mary has a very important place in the hearts of all believers. We spontaneously turn to her because we consider her to be our mother

and our protector.

In view of the important place she occupies among the faithful, five months of the year are dedicated to her.

How many names does the Virgin Mary have?

In total, how many names does Mary have? The Marian titles of the Virgin Mary are countless. No one can answer this question. Moreover, they are still being created today.

There are a total of 366 votive masses dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The Church dedicates the months of May, September and October to her, in addition to special feasts such as 15 August for the Assumption and 8 December for the Immaculate Conception.

Where do the names given to Our Lady come from?

Christians frequently give her new names linked, for example, to events in life:

  • Natural phenomena: Our Lady of Lightning or Our Lady of Snow

  • Diseases or health: Our Lady of the Sick or Our Lady of the Fainting Heart

  • Natural world: Our Lady of the Lily or Our Lady of the Vines

  • Animal world: Notre-Dame-de-la-Fourmi or Notre-Dame-des-Heurs

  • Geography: Our Lady of the Plateau or Our Lady of the Port

  • Locations of Shrines: Our Lady of Lourdes or Our Lady of Fatima

The original names given to the Mother of God

In addition to all these names given to the Virgin Mary, other names have been added to the list, such as Our Lady of Rugby in Larrivière-Saint-Savin (40270), Our Lady of Cycling in Labastide-d'Armagnac (40240) or Our Lady of Ecology in Gallifa in Spain.

Whatever her title, the faithful always invoke her with the same confidence and love as children who turn to their mother.

statue marie

Resin statue of Our Lady of Lourdes 40 cm 55€

statue fatima

Statue of Fatima with children in coloured resin 14cm 32,50€

statue MQDLN

Mary undoer of knots Statue 30cm 29€

The different statues of the Virgin Mary in the Rosary Palace

The statue of the Miraculous Virgin: The history of the Miraculous Virgin comes from her Marian apparitions which took place in the Chapel of the Rue du Bac in Paris which has become a very popular pilgrimage site.

The first apparition of the Miraculous Virgin took place on 18 July 1830 when she confided to Catherine Labouré that God was going to give her a mission. It was at her second apparition, on 27 November 1830, that the Mother of God told Catherine "Have a medal struck on this model". She assured her that "Those who wear it with confidence will receive great graces.

The statue of the Virgin of Lourdes: Our Lady of Lourdes is the name by which Catholics refer to the Virgin Mary as she appeared to Bernadette Soubirous in 1858 at the Massabielle Grotto in Lourdes.

In total the Virgin Mary appeared 18 times at Lourdes between February 1858 and July 1858. Several churches and sanctuaries in the world are dedicated to her, in particular the one in Lourdes.

The statue of the Virgin of Advent: Our Lady of Advent represents the Blessed Virgin pregnant before the coming of Jesus Christ. Advent is a time of preparation for Christmas and is called the "Advent season".

This word is used to designate the coming of Christ among men for the advent of his birth.

The statue of Our Lady of Fatima: The Virgin Mary appeared for the first time on May 13, 1917 to three young shepherds in Fatima, Portugal. She made a total of 6 apparitions during the year 1917.

During this year, the three children received messages from Our Lady.

Since then, Fatima has become one of the largest pilgrimage centres in the world.

The Statue of Mary Untying the Knots: Mary Untying the Knots is the name given to a Marian devotion linked to an 18th century Baroque painting.

Pope Francis fell in love with this image when he was studying in Germany in the 1980s. Since that day, the whole world has venerated Mary who unties knots.

The statue of the Immaculate Conception: The Immaculate Conception is celebrated on 8 December.

It is celebrated at the beginning of Advent, on the supposed date of Mary's conception, which is nine months before the feast of the Nativity of Mary.

The statue of the Apparition of Lourdes : This statue refers to the events that took place in 1858 at the Massabielle Grotto in Lourdes with the Virgin and the 14 year old Saint Bernadette.

Today the various Apparitions of Lourdes are celebrated throughout the year according to the dates of the Marian Apparitions.

Prayer for the Virgin Mary

Our Lady, Virgin Mary, we come to you to thank you for your motherly love and constant guidance.

We thank you for the gift of your Son, Jesus Christ, who is our Saviour.

We ask you to help us follow your example by loving and serving Jesus Christ with all our hearts.

We ask you to help us grow in faith, hope and love in you and in God the Father.

We ask you to protect us from all evil and to guide us on our journey through life.

We thank you for all the blessings you have given us and we entrust our lives and souls to you.


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