Film Bernadette : Watch the Film on the Apparitions of Lourdes

Film Bernadette : Watch the Film on the Apparitions of Lourdes

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Presentation of the Film Bernadette of Lourdes

Film synopsis

The film "Bernadette of Lourdes" tells the moving story of Bernadette Soubirous, a 14-year-old girl of modest origins, who on 11 February 1858 had a miraculous encounter near the grotto at Lourdes. In this sacred place, she saw a lady radiant with light appear, an experience that would change her life forever and give birth to one of the most famous shrines in the world.

Directed by Jean Delannoy and scripted by Robert Arnaut and Jean Delannoy, this film stars Sydney Penny, Jean-Marc Bory and Jean-Marie Bernicat.

Historical significance

The film highlights the historical and religious significance of the Lourdes apparitions. It shows how Bernadette's faith and determination overcame the doubts and scepticism of her time, creating a major place of pilgrimage for believers around the world.

Historical and Religious Background

History of Bernadette Soubirous

Bernadette Soubirous was born on 7 January 1844 in Lourdes, France. On 11 February 1858, she had her first vision of the Holy Mary near the grotto of Massabielle. These apparitions were repeated eighteen times, and Bernadette passed on the Virgin's messages to the local community. Despite initial scepticism, these apparitions were recognised as authentic by the Catholic Church, and Bernadette became an emblematic figure of the Catholic faith.

The Sanctuary of Lourdes

Today, the Sanctuary of Lourdes is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in the world, attracting millions of pilgrims every year. The site includes the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, the Grotto of Massabielle, and the pools where the faithful come to bathe in holy water.

Film analysis

Critical and Public Reception

When it was released in 1988, the film "Bernadette of Lourdes" was well received by critics and audiences alike. It was praised for its historical accuracy and Sydney Penny's touching performance as Bernadette.

Presentation of Bernadette

The film portrays Bernadette as a humble and determined young girl, true to historical accounts. It highlights her unwavering faith and courage in the face of adversity, offering a moving and inspiring portrayal of her life.

Viewing the Film

Film Full HD

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to watch the film "Bernadette of Lourdes" in full. Click on the video below to immerse yourself in this extraordinary story.

Call to Action

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Reflections and Conclusion

Impact of the Film

The film "Bernadette of Lourdes" continues to have a significant impact on viewers, inspiring them with the faith and resilience of Bernadette Soubirous. Her story remains a powerful testament to faith and miracle.


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