Are you familiar with the profession of firefighter?

Are you familiar with the profession of firefighter?

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The trade of fireworker exists only in Lourdes:

This profession is essential for the Sanctuary of Lourdes. The blacksmith collects the flame and brings hope to the pilgrims.

The blacksmith does everything possible to ensure that pilgrims can extend their prayers with a candle.

He lights the prayer intentions for believers from all over the world as well as the candles purchased by the pilgrims of Lourdes. It then enables people who are unable to come to Lourdes to pray.

What does his job consist of?

Each step of his work is essential. First of all, the fireman must ensure that the displays are filled and then he must make sure that the Grotto of Massabielle is clean before the first Mass of the day, which starts at 6 o'clock in the morning.

One of the primary roles of the lamplighter is to ensure that the candelabra at the foot of the Virgin Mary is always clean.

Vierge Marie Lourdes

When there is no more room in the twenty-three burners set up near the Massabielle rock, the bonfire makers offer pilgrims the opportunity to light the wick of their candle themselves. They store the candles that could not be burnt in a room in the Sanctuary, while waiting for the other candles to burn.  When they are all full, these kiosks can hold 5,400 candles.

But the role of the Lourdes fireman does not stop there, he also has to manage the stock and receive every day what will be burnt during the day. In addition to this work, he also has to clean the trays and burners.

In total, between 800 and 900 tons of candles are burned each year in Lourdes.

The heart of his job is welcoming and service, but the most important thing is the human relationship.

Even today, a descendant of Bernadette Soubirous is a fireman at the Sanctuary. He is part of the team of 10 firemen of the Grotte Lourdes.

Every year at the Palais du Rosaire, we welcome pilgrims for the purchase of their religious articles such as candles with which they pray, recollect themselves and entrust themselves to the protection of the Virgin Mary.

Every year, tons and tons of candles are sold to bring hope to the Sanctuary of Lourdes.

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