Saint Anthony of Padua and the Holy Spirit

Saint Anthony of Padua and the Holy Spirit

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St. Anthony, what we know about him...

Saint Anthony or also known as Saint Anthony of Padua is a Portuguese Saint and a Franciscan priest known to be prayed for lost things, marriage, family and illness. Saint Anthony of Padua is better known in Portugal as he is considered the Patron Saint of sailors, prisoners, the poor and the shipwrecked. However, Saint Anthony is also a patron saint of pregnant women and infertile people.

In order for your wishes to be fulfilled, it is important to pray fervently to Saint Anthony of Padua. Your prayer may not be immediately answered, but it will be realized "to those who know how to wait", as the saying goes. So don't be impatient, God foresees every event for you at the right time.

A few words about Saint Anthony, which we don't necessarily know about

If we go back quickly in the history of this religious man, we learn that Saint Anthony of Padua, Portuguese, born in 1195 in Lisbon, is actually called Fernando.

Fernando is the eldest son of a rich and noble family. From the age of fifteen, he followed a religious course where he became a priest at the age of twenty-five. During these 11 years, Saint Anthony preached the good word in different cities and countries despite the various misadventures he encountered during his life. St. Anthony stopped in Morocco, Sicily, France and Italy. But it was in Italy that he ended his life worn out by his oratorical years. He finally died in 1231.

Unfortunately, it was not until 1232, one year after the death of St. Anthony of Padua, that he was canonized by Pope Gregory IX. It was a little later that he became a Saint for his actions towards the faith and for the many miraculous illnesses that were cured.

Since then, St. Anthony of Padua is represented with the benevolent gaze carrying a child in his arms, most often looking at the child as if he were watching over him.

Our religious shop offers various religious articles around Saint Anthony. So that St. Anthony of Padua can watch over you while you sleep, set up an easel above a fireplace or near a bed. The same goes for the beautiful religious statue of St. Anthony carrying a child in his arms. It will bring you protection and benevolence. And finally, our religious shop offers you, so that Saint Anthony can find his way to your home, to burn a novena candle as well as religious incense of Saint Anthony so that your prayers will be heard more loudly.

The Holy Spirit (Pentecost)

To go back in religious history, the Holy Spirit, or the Holy Ghost, is sent on the day of Pentecost to believers. It is a promise of Jesus made to these apostles before He died and which these apostles will only become aware of on the day of Pentecost. The apostles announce Jesus' resurrection in Jerusalem. Thanks to this, the Holy Spirit spreads throughout the whole world and is obtained on the day of Baptism. It reaches its climax on the day of Confirmation.

God fully shares with Jesus the Holy Spirit who is in reality a bond uniting God with his son.

In the name of God, Jesus can speak and act because he cannot keep this exceptional gift for himself, he wants to share it with his disciples.

That is why on the day of Baptism we receive the Holy Spirit and why it blossoms on the day of Confirmation. His blossoming allows for a stronger and more intimate relationship with God.

The symbols of Saint Anthony

We can, moreover, assign several great symbols to the Holy Spirit. However, there are only two that have most marked our minds and that we all know. The first is none other than the Dove represented for Baptism and the second is the tongue of fire for the day of Pentecost. The other three symbols related to the Holy Spirit that are less known are:

  • the oil symbolizing spiritual strength and divine blessing,
  • the wind linked to the Holy Spirit as an indicator of his arrival or of the fact that he has already made his appearance as a gust of wind.
  • water to wash away all the sins of the believers. He is present at Baptism for this reason, to purify the child so that he may be able to enter Christendom.

The Holy Spirit aims to make us better to ourselves first of all and then to be better to others. However, we must constantly work the Holy Spirit and stay on the right path.

The Holy Spirit can also manifest Himself in a person who is not aware of his belief in God just as He may not manifest Himself in a believer.

Even if the Holy Spirit is present spiritually with you, why not keep track of him physically?

On our online religious store, you can find Holy Spirit religious bracelets in adjustable cord and more recently on our religious store our brand new Holy Spirit religious bracelet with its dove and silver cross. Or let yourself be tempted by a silver cross pendant decorated with a dove representing the Holy Spirit on our religious shop and finally, you can also find silver and gold frames decorated there also with the Holy Spirit.

In this way, by providing you with a religious article of the Holy Spirit, he will constantly watch over you and will be able to help and reassure you.

Prayer for Saint Anthony of Padua

St Anthony of Padua, friend of the poor and disadvantaged, pray for us that we may follow your example of charity and dedication to the less fortunate.

Help us to find what has been lost and to regain faith in times of doubt.

Protect us from all evil and guide us on the path of holiness.

We ask you to grant us your intercession with God.


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