Our selection of Saint Benedict items

Our selection of Saint Benedict items

Why should you have an object representing Saint Benedict at home?

Who is Saint Benedict of Nursia? Here are some explanations...

Saint Benedict is celebrated on 11 July. He is an emblematic personality for Christians.

Saint Benedict is the incarnation of the figure of the monk. He is often represented as a rather old person, wearing a black robe. He sometimes appears carrying a book and a staff. He is sometimes depicted exorcising a demon or repairing a broken vase. He is usually depicted with a cross in his hand to face the demon.

Since 1960, Saint Benedict has been named patron saint of Europe by Pope Paul VI. He is also the patron of scouts, engineers, farmers, schoolchildren and boilermakers. He is the patron saint of the International Union of European Guides and Scouts.

Having a picture of St. Benedict in your home or on your person means that you place yourself under the protection of the saint to be guided towards the light and to refuse temptation.

Our favourite articles of St. Benedict

Crucifix of Saint Benedict

This magnificent crucifix of Saint Benedict is 35cm high. It can be hung on the wall of your house. You can put it in your room so that when you wake up, it will be the first thing you see. Indeed, as soon as you wake up, it is a sign of faith and love.

It is a tradition in Christian families to have one or more crucifixes hanging on the wall in the living room, bedrooms and other rooms.

Statue of Saint Benedict

This beautiful statue of Saint Benedict in coloured resin is 30cm high and is a representation of Saint Benedict. Indeed, we can recognize him thanks to his long beard which is a sign of wisdom. He is also dressed with a black cuculla and a crosier which reminds us of his dignity as abbot. The book he is holding in his hand consists of the Holy Scriptures.

Incense of Saint Benedict

At the beginning of its creation, incense was generally used for religious ceremonies. The smoke from the incense was an offering to God. Nowadays, religious incense is used for its deodorising and relaxing properties. It is also used for spiritual rituals.

St. Benedict's incense is said to protect against evil spells and to ward off evil spirits.

Saint Benedict was very powerful. He had the power to subdue demons and to fight curses.

Medal of Saint Benedict

St Benedict medals are used to ward off evil forces and to protect people and animals, houses and fields.

You can put the Saint Benedict medal in your house, your car, but also and especially on you.

This medal of Saint Benedict will protect you against evil. Wear it and contemplate it every day.

Rosary of Saint Benedict

Patron saint of exorcists, Saint Benedict of Nursia has protective virtues against evil forces. This rosary of Saint Benedict consists of five tens and a heart with the cross of Saint Benedict. It is 46cm long. It is sold with a nice metal box with the image of Saint Benedict.

Prayer to Saint Benedict

This prayer to St. Benedict will help you get rid of the negativity that surrounds you on a daily basis.

"Lord, my God, grant me, I beseech you, perpetual health of soul and body, and through the glorious intercession of your servant St. Benedict, grant me the grace to be delivered from the sorrows of the present life, from misfortune, from negative ideas, from self-doubt and self-contempt.

O God, my refuge and my strength, I have recourse to your protection.

O most glorious and venerated St. Benedict, jewel in the crown of Christ, intercede for me with our Lord Jesus Christ that I may be freed from the misfortune that clings to me. May your holy cross free me from all evil, guide me and protect me.

O sure refuge of those who seek the protection of Heaven, who have made the Holy Cross the standard of faith, I beg you to intercede for me so that the misfortune that surrounds me at this time may dissolve in the light and love of Christ.

O St. Benedict, it is in you that I place my hope, intercede for me with Jesus so that he may illuminate my path and dispel the shadow of misfortune that surrounds me.

O St. Benedict, pray for me to our Lord Jesus Christ, who does not want the suffering and death of the sinner, but his conversion and his life, that he may help me in this present trial.

O St. Benedict, I am not jealous of those who are fortunate and successful, I simply ask for the right to share in the love, happiness and joy that God has distributed so widely to his children. Through the intercession of St. Benedict, may I be delivered from the bad luck that limits me.

O St. Benedict, deign to look down on me from heaven with mercy. Free me, help me, protect me and grant me to live to the fullest of my ability, skill and intelligence.

O almighty and merciful God, who in St. Benedict has constituted a perpetual help for the defence of your children in an admirable manner, deign to grant me to struggle in this life with his precious help and to gain victory over my enemies."

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