The Pope's affection for Saint Joseph

The Pope's affection for Saint Joseph

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For Catholics, the month of March is dedicated to Saint Joseph. It is important to remind Christians of Pope Francis' affection for Saint Joseph.

Who is Saint Joseph?

Saint Joseph is the husband of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. He is the faithful servant of God and his family. He is a good man who has always watched over Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, Joseph is usually described in the Holy Scriptures as sleeping in the company of an Angel.

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What link unites the Pope and Saint Joseph?

In 2016, the Pope will meet 140 Superiors General in the Vatican. During this meeting, the superiors ask Pope Francis for his secret to keep his serenity. It was then that he confided to them that when he has a problem, the Holy Father writes it down on a piece of paper which he then puts under the statue of Saint Joseph sleeping. Saint Joseph then dreams of his problem and prays to him.  The statue of Saint Joseph asleep brings the Pope his famous serenity. While sleeping, Joseph takes care of the Church.

The Pope brings much affection to St. Joseph because he is a silent and strong man. Thanks to him, our sovereign always sleeps six hours a day.

According to Pope Francis, no one should be afraid to face problems, but on the contrary, one should face them with confidence, with God's help.

He encourages each one of us to take a moment of rest with the Lord every day. He affirms that rest is fundamental for our health, mind and body.

Every day the Pope devotes time to rest and prayer. This is possibly one of the reasons why he has so much energy and a permanent smile.

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