Who were the 12 apostles?

Who were the 12 apostles?

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Who are the 12 apostles of Jesus?

The story of the apostles

The apostles of Jesus are the most influential and well-known disciples in Christian history.

After observing them carefully, Jesus saw great potential in the apostles and called upon them to follow the mission given to him by God. He then said that he would make them fishers of men.

The 12 apostles were the founders of the modern churches through the sharing of the good news and in the face of various persecutions in spreading the Holy Word.

The apostles were Jews who dedicated their whole lives to being followers of Jesus Christ.  In order for these men to spread the good news to the whole world, Jesus spent three years training them. It was the Lord Jesus' wish that the disciples would take over and continue the work he had started.

The 12 apostles had the privilege of constantly assisting their master. They were the recipients of his teaching and training.  

Why are the disciples called apostles?

Jesus Christ chose to call the 12 disciples apostles because it was about their return from the preaching and healing mission for which he had sent them.

Introduction of the 12 apostles

Each of the 12 apostles were leaders in Christianity. They were instrumental in spreading the Gospel throughout the world.

Here are the names of the 12 main disciples of Jesus:

  • Saint Andrew

  • Saint Bartholomew

  • Saint James the Greater

  • Saint James the Lesser

  • Saint John

  • Saint Jude Thaddeus

  • Saint Matthew

  • Saint Peter

  • Saint Philip

  • Saint Simon the Zealot

  • Saint Thomas

  • Saint Matthias

Apostle Andrew

Andrew was a fisherman before Jesus called him to be one of his disciples. St Andrew was part of the inner circle in Jesus' time. He drew people to Christ. Andrew was martyred in Greece when he was arrested and sentenced to die on an X-shaped cross.

Apostle Bartholomew

Bartholomew came from a royal family. Indeed, his father was a king. Bartholomew was a great scholar of Scripture. Saint Bartholomew died after being flayed alive with a knife.

Apostle James the Greater

James was a fisherman. He was a man who showed the fruits of the Holy Spirit with great faith. The death of St. James the Greater was caused by Herod. He became the first martyr among the 12 apostles.  

Apostle James the Lesser

James the Lesser was one of the least known of Jesus' disciples. He was a man of character and exemplary. Saint James also died a martyr. The saw became his apostolic symbol.

Apostle Judas

Judas is known as the betrayer because he betrayed Jesus by giving a kiss to the enemy's hands for a few silver coins. Jesus Christ knew that Judas was going to betray Him. He was a covetous man who sought fame and recognition from the government.

Apostle John

John was a fisherman. He was known as the beloved disciple. He was a man of many ambitions. However, he had a heart that was not very tolerant. He wrote many books. His life was put to the test. God managed to spare him, so he died a natural and painless death.

Apostle Jude

Jude preached the gospel in many places. He healed many people. Through him many people believed in the name of the Master. He was killed by arrows in Ararat.

Apostle Matthew

Matthew was a tax collector. In the Jewish culture, the Jews were not liked as they were very unjust. This was not the case with Jesus because he chose Matthew because he saw in him a strong potential. He was the first man to write the teaching of Jesus in the Hebrew language.

Apostle Peter

Peter is the author of two books in the Bible. He carried out his missionary and evangelistic work with strength and courage. He was also martyred on a cross. He asked to be crucified with his head in a tub because he said he was not worthy to die like his master.

Apostle Philip

Philip was one of the first men Jesus told to follow him. He had a pessimistic spirit and a warm heart. He died hanging and asked that his body be wrapped in papyrus. Unlike Jesus who was wrapped in linen.

Apostle Simon

Little is known about Simon's life. Nevertheless, we know that Simon was a man of faith who always did his work with kindness. He also died a martyr.

Apostle Thomas

Thomas was a disoriented and pessimistic man, yet he was a man of immense courage. He was

Is there a thirteenth apostle?

It is true that there was a thirteenth apostle. Indeed, Paul of Tarsus is considered the 13th apostle since he was instituted by Christ himself on the road to Damascus.

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